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What are you looking for?

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Apply for Award 2024

Top B2B Platform made in Europe?

Apply, Get reviewed by independent thought leaders and Win the Award

Why the Award?

The B2B Platform Award represents a unique opportunity for your company to be recognized among the best in Europe’s vibrant B2B platform economy. Applying for this award is not just about seeking accolades; it’s about showcasing your company’s achievements, innovations, and contributions to the industry.

  • Elevate Your Brand
  • Attract Talent and Investment
  • Boost Marketing and PR Efforts
  • Network with Industry Leaders
  • Validate Your Solutions

Who should apply?

The B2B Platform Award is designed for innovators, trailblazers, and leaders within the B2B platform economy. If your company operates a platform that facilitates business-to-business transactions, or shapes the B2B economy based on platform principles, we invite you to apply.

Ideal Candidates Include:

  • Emerging Startups
  • Established Platforms
  • Tech Innovators
  • Sustainability Champions

Platform Categories

What are the award categories you can apply for?


Marketplace for Services or Products

Tech & Data Platform

Main focus on data processing like IoT platforms or providing technological infrastructure.

Collaboration & Innovation Platform

Fostering collaboration and co-innovation

Circularity Platform

Support sustainability and circular economy


What are the criteria for the ranking?

Grade of Innovation

This criterion evaluates how innovative the platform is in terms of introducing new technologies, features, and methodologies compared to existing solutions. It considers the platform's ability to pioneer novel approaches that enhance functionality and user experience, disrupt traditional practices, and push technological boundaries forward.

Business Impact

Business value or impact measures the tangible benefits that the platform delivers to its users, including increased efficiency, cost savings, revenue generation, and competitive advantage. This criterion assesses the direct and indirect effects of the platform on a business’s operational performance and strategic positioning in the market.

Data Excellence

Data excellence focuses on the platform's ability to effectively collect, manage, process, and leverage data. Key aspects include data accuracy, accessibility, security, and the sophistication of data analytics capabilities. This criterion is critical in data-driven environments where decision-making relies heavily on the quality and interpretability of data.

Circularity Platform

Sustainability assesses the platform’s contribution to environmental and social governance (ESG) goals. This includes evaluating how the platform helps businesses reduce their carbon footprint, manage resource use more efficiently, and implement practices that are environmentally friendly and socially responsible.

The Jury

Who will evaluate and hand-out the award?

The Jury

At the heart of the B2B Platform Awards is a distinguished panel of jurors, handpicked for their expertise, vision, and contribution to the world of business-to-business platform economy.

Comprising industry leaders, tech innovators, seasoned entrepreneurs, and esteemed academics, our jury embodies a wealth of experience across the B2B ecosystem. Each member brings a unique perspective, ensuring a holistic and rigorous evaluation process.

Their collective wisdom and insight are pivotal in identifying platforms that not only excel in innovation and service but also drive meaningful change within their industries. This esteemed panel is dedicated to upholding the highest standards of excellence, recognizing and celebrating the achievements of B2B platforms that are shaping the future of commerce.



  • Sabine Baumann (Prof. & Author, @HTW Berlin)
  • Mirjana Radmanovic (Prof. & Author, @DHBW Mannheim)
  • Felix Wortmann (Prof. & Author, @University St. Gallen)
  • Carsten Hahn (Prof. & Author, @University Karlsruhe)
  • Philipp Meier (Phd, Study about B2B Platforms)

Senior Entrepreneurs & Thought Leaders

  • Nathalie Lamborghini Dumas (CEO Venture Studio FlyingRhino)
  • Anna Noakes (TheNTWK)
  • Michael Nielsen (Advisor, Co-Founder Logistics Platform)
  • Carsten Linz (Dr., Exec. Advisor, @Bluegain)
  • Bernd Weidmann (Co-Founder
  • Matthias Walter (CEO Venture Studio, Creator Platform Innovation Kit)

How to apply?

What is the process, key deadlines and how to submit application?

Key Dates / Deadlines

The process for the award includes the following key dates:

  • Opening of application period: 01.05.
  • Closing of application period: 31.07. eob
  • Review Period: 01.08.-30.08.
  • Award announcements: 18.09.

*eob = End of Business = 31.07., 12pm CET

The Process

Every platform – small or big, but “made in Europe” can apply for the prestiguouse award. Important is that the founding headquarter is in Europe.

Please submit a short presentation to the following email address:

You have time to submit until the end of the application period. Submissions after the deadline will not taken into consideration.

The presentation should clearly state how your platform fulfills the 4 major criteria. Additionally some key facts / description.

Keep it simple.

Additional Information

More information about the award and process you can find in the attached presentation. Download and read carefully.

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in contact with us.

We are happy to answer all of your questions.

Apply for the Award

    Join us at the European B2B Platform Summit & Award Ceromony - 18th September, 2024 - virtually